..House Of Fifty.. FEATURED..

I was SO excited 
asked me to photograph her 
for this upcoming Fashion Magazine Shoot for

The interior designer Amie Corley designed 3 rooms with a specific theme 
and Rachel designed 3 outfits to "fit into" those rooms,
and I found 3 locations to tie it all together..
It was so much fun and Rachel is one of the most genuine sweetest people I work with..

I never thought my name would be in a famous magazine
 for Fashion Photography..
I am thrilled and LOVE working with Rachel..!

You can buy the magazine Here..

               there is my name... yahoo..!


  1. That is the coolest thing Heather!!! Aw! You are seriously my role model when it comes to photography! :) Possible I could take a class from you?

  2. Heather, you and Rachel did an outstanding job capturing the essence of Amie Corley's room designs. You have a wonderful eye. Truly one of my all time favorite HOF articles. Thank you so much for your efforts, Janell

  3. OMG Janell coming from you that is a huge compliment.. Thank you so much.. You have a beautiful magazine..!

  4. Alicia, I might mentor one of these days.. To busy right now but someday.. thank you.!