..It's very very Rare, but...

Every now and then I do wedding flowers (for close friends and family)..
I started a little flower buisness when I first got married 
and it was fun 
but my passion was for Photography 
and with my FIRST priority being my kids and husband 
I had to choose one extra activity to focus my time on 
and Photography was it.. 
But... I recently did this wedding for my moms friend and it wa so fun..
 The bride had the best colors picked out and really let me choose what flowers and design on my own which I LOVED..!!

Here are some pictures taken by Lindsay Orton Photography 
and all flowers done by yours truly..!!
The bouquet that was ginormous was featured @ Utah Bride Blog.. and that was fun..! :)

anyhoo enjoy the pictures Lindsay is great..!!
and again.. I don't do flowers on a normal basis just a few times a year.. lol :) 








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  1. Great job Heather! You are so talented! Look at all the talents you can pass down to your daughters, or daughter-in-laws:)