a little about me...

25 things about me.. your photographer. :)

I adore and cherish my husband and kids..they are my life.

I wear lipstick to bed..I feel SO weird without it. (pink is the only color)

I love Disneyland as much as I did when I was little..

I never wear shoes..its flip flops or uggs for me. :)

I have ALWAYS loved photography anything arts related really..my grandma has a picture of me at age 7 holding a camera pretending to take pictures..

My favorite perfume is moschino's love love.. going on 5 years without switching. :) I wear that to bed too, I'm a little girly like that..

I have never been a good speller or English girl, and I don't stress about it.

I am sensitive to peoples needs and worry about others alot..

I am drawn to different/beautiful things..

I really dislike people who aren't honest about there intentions..

I would consider myself down to earth

I don't like makeup, I have not had to buy "new" makeup in 3 years. (just my monthly lipstick)

I really lucked out in the "best friends" department (you know who you all are) 

My husband "gets" me and I "get" him.. we're a great match.

I love running and racing.. I cry at every finish line I cross

I forgive, but have a hard time forgetting. :( work'in on it..

I wear earrings everywhere and feel weird without them...

I sometimes put on a concert in my head while running with my ipod, I am usually pretending to be Faith Hill or Martina McBride.. you know you all do it too..

I love re-finishing furniture.

I pretend to sew and my kids and so many unfinished blankets..the best part is they love them and look past the flaws..

I love the mountains and really anything outdoors.. 

My kids think I am SO funny and I love it.. even though I am really not.. 

I try to be "true" to myself and try not to let the world sway me in anyway..

I love feeling healthy..

I stand true to who I really am..and don't not pretend.

Okay there you have it, a little about me to start off the year... 
It was kinda fun, I dare you all to do it. :)

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