..enjoying the somewhat warm weather..

I have the worst case of Spring Fever..
 Its making me want to do nothing but play, play, play..
I have a lot of fun posts coming up so stay tuned,
but for now I had fun doing this little 
fix it Friday for the company "I Heart Faces".
It's a fun little thing where hundreds
of photographers edit the same photo
taken by another photographer.
I used mainly Lightroom to nip it a little. :)
Pretty fun, I always think the less editing the better. :)

Fix-It Friday #84
Fix-It Fridayfixed #84

bwFix-It Fridayfixed #84


  1. nice edits. I like how clean and sharp you made them. I must mention that when I clicked to see the larger version I was not able to see them as they are set to private on flickr.
    have a great weekend.

  2. Love how soft and sweet you made her look :) Great color and vibrance