introducing the cutest pregnant gal around..
man it would be so nice to look this great pregnant..
only a few weeks left..



This cute little guy fit right in at our home..
likes balls..
likes trucks..
doesn't want to sit still..
blue eyes..
cute mohawk...
He was so cute and had a fun little personality..

If you are interested in the earflap soft beanies go here..!


...Be Back Soon..

Really Missing my Hubby...
Realizing Disneyland w/o Jeff is CRAZY..!
Enjoying a little sunshine with my boys..
I be back to posting soon.. I have some fun shoots 
for you all to look forward too..!


...Shane & Janet..

If there is anyone is the world that deserves
 a prince charming and a happily ever after
 it is Janet.. 
She is so sweet and laid back 
that it made this day so fun and chill..
 There are such a happy couple.. 
Congratulations you two.. 
Have fun in Mexico for 10 DAYS..!! :)


I loved seeing the Groom watch the bride walk down the isle... Priceless..!

I loved how they had there sister Amy there by cyber chat so she saw the entire thing it was so sweet..