..Kid's Village..

I had such a fun time 
putting together
 this project for
 Kid's Village Preschool/School..
I have never seen kids 
be so structured yet having so much fun..
They introduce so many 
things to these children in such a creative way!
The teachers were all so sweet and organized.
A few fun things
 that set this school part from others
the one-on-one care
 the children receive from teachers,
the opportunity to learn and explore things hands on,
the on-going cookie baking, in the entrance, that smell SO good,
the owners are there every day and are so sweet,
the beautiful kitchen
 where they teach kids to eat healthy 
and learn to cook hands on!
It was so fun
 and I now can't wait for my kids
 to be old enough to attend!


  1. Hey Annie! It's right off of 1600 North State in Orem. It's awesome! You should try it out.