..Asay Family..

Meet the Asay's..
I was SO privileged to be welcomed into their home
to catch a glimpse through my camera of their everyday lives..
Brittnay aka "b*" from her fabulous Crave-Rave & Fav's Blog
has such a beautiful sophisticated style..
and hello she is DROP DEAD gorgeous..
Her home is so fresh and clean 
and modern I LOVED it..!
Mackay aka "Mr. Ace" has such a laid back personality
 he makes you feel comfortable and welcome in their home..
 He had the raddest guitar collection
 and plays like a rockstar.. 
You could tell this family enjoys tons of together time..
Thanks again Asay's for having me taking your pictures
it really was my pleasure..


  1. what do you think it is like to be this pretty?! She is so dang gorgeous, she looks like Heidi Klum..
    Beautiful home, beautiful family and one hell of a photographer!


  2. this looks like such a fun photo shoot! great job heather!

  3. Oh MY GOODNESS!! These are absolutely AMAZING!!! I am just loving your pictures! I've been watching your site for a while and you just keep getting better! LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

  4. thanks Amy you are so sweet..