..Paislee is turning 1..

First of all.. no i did no enhance there eyes..
second of all..yes they both have flawless skin..
and third of all.. Paislee is not wearing lipstick, she really has that pink of cute lips..
now that that's clear.. ;) 
This is the most beautiful mother daughter duo I have ever seen..
The outfits were made by Steph as well..
to sum this session up..
perfect subjects..
perfect little freckles on Paislee's nose..
perfect lighting..
perfect atmosphere..
perfect style..
Steph is an outstanding mother 
and it shows through her darling little Paislee's personality..


  1. Those are the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen!!! They are perfect subjects. Heather, you did an amazing job. They should be in a magazine.

  2. My dad really asked me if I put lipstick on her!! So I am glad you made sure to tell everyone no we didnt!!! They are amazing!

  3. thanks guys.. she might just be the cutest little thing ever..