..Orchard Photo Shoot..

Spring is definitely here..!!
and everyone including Emery is so excited about it..


  1. she is a cutie! i love these Heather and it makes me want to go shoot right now! I am dying how you planted your own poppy garden. you need to let me know how it works out. i just may have to come use it! :)
    call me so we can go to the golf place and scope out some sweet spots.

  2. Thanks Shanna you are so sweet.. Yes I am wanting to go this week sometime to Sleepy Ridge so ill call ya.. Isn't that so funny about the poppy's? I was laughing but I have the prettiest little field area literally 30 ft from my home and it has bright green grass everywhere so i decided to seed bright red poppy's they are supposed to big huge in 4 weeks.. LOL Ill let you know..!