This sweet little baby was perfect for us..
she just sat and smiled the entire session..
I love this little girl like my own
 she has something special about her..
wait.. It's probably because her mom is my best friend.. :)
Aren't they both  stunning..?


..What keeps me busy..

These little guys are my life..  
They love each other so much.  
When Dylan wakes up in the morning the first thing he does is go straight to daltons crib. 
 He gets SO happy to see him. 
 I feel so blessed.


..Crystal & her Boys..

We literally did this shoot
 with the last 10 minutes of sunlight.. 
which is actually my FAV..
It was fun running from spot to spot and hurrying to get some pictures.
If these boys had it there way
 they would be outside all day and night
 chasing/catching anything from snakes, lizards, frogs etc..
they are so fun.. and Crystal is just a babe..!

..Easter Chicks..

I love this warm weather out here in St. George..
These kids have SO much personality just like there mamma's..
Seriously every kid is stunningly beautiful.